Fight for Islam!

Fight for your prophet! Fight for your religion!
How can Muslims do nothing when their most sacred things are being desecrated? How can they be so untouched?!

(Fighting here means the battle of ideas, not the act of murder and physical injury)

But my question to you is; Are you going to be like most Muslims, driven by emotions? Are you going to be subjected to momentary reactions? Are you going to heat up then cool down just as fast?

Or will you actually use your head instead, and realize that this lengthy war on Islam need people who devote their whole lives to defend it? Will you be like Noah, who spent almost a thousand years relentlessly preaching to others about God? Will you fight for Islam when others forget that the war is still ongoing?

Go back to your families and businesses, go back to making as much money as you can, go back to complaining about how unfair our enemies are being… But remember that all this does not mean you did anything to help Islam or Muslims…. Forcing your children to become doctors and engineers isn’t helping Islam or Muslims….

Defending Islam need lawyers! It needs good preachers! It needs clean politicians! It needs lobbying! It needs a strong alternative media! It needs better Islamic education! It needs you to have an effect on your local non-Muslim community!!! It doesn’t need your children to make ten times the average American income!!!

I would like to thank my friend, Muhammad Bayazid, for his amazing work on the inspiration series, a media product about the prophet PBUH. Many non-Muslims have watched this:

BlackBird Pecks will also start a media project that helps defend Islam, and help Muslims… please follow us so you don’t miss it!


انصر نبيك ! انصر دينك !
هل يعقل أن يسب وتشوه صورة أكثر الأشياء تقديساً عندك ولا تتحرك؟

لكن هل ستكون كغالبية المسلمين؟ إنسان عاطفي لا تحركه إلا الأحداث وردات الفعل؟ يفور ويثور ثم يعود للنوم؟

أم أنك تنصر مقدساتك، كما نصرها الأنبياء والصحابة والصالحين؟ عمر طويل، ونفس طويل في سبيل الله كصبر نوح عليه السلام؟ بعمل ***مستمر*** متواصل لا ينقطع، في حين ينسى الجميع أن أعداء الاسلام مازلوا يحاربوننا في الخفاء والعلن ؟!

العودة إلى أعمالكم وعيالكم، وجمع المال واكتساب الشهرة، وادخال أولادكم في الكليات الطبية والهندسية ليصبحوا أغنياء… ليست نصرة للنبي! أين العمل الدعوي؟ أين العمل الإعلامي؟ أين العمل التربوي؟ أين العمل السياسي؟ أين وجودكم وتأثيركم في المجتمع الغربي؟ لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله !

تحية إلى أستاذي وأخي وصديقي المخرج (محمد بايزيد) Muhammad Bayazid
جزاه الله خيراً -هو ومن شاركه- على عمله الرائع في هذا المجال… شاهدوه هنا:

وسيكون لنا في نقرات شحرور عمل إعلامي نصرة لدين الله إن شاء الله، فتابعونا هنا…

#انصر_نبيك #انصر_دينك



More Victims of Islamophobia, But Who’s Fault is it Really?

Daily Tip #5 – BlackBird Pecks

ترجمة للعربي في الأسفل

I didn’t want to write about day-to-day events and politics on this page. However, when I saw the news, I discarded today’s tip, and wrote this instead. If you want to know more about the story, take a look here:

The killing of these 3 young Muslims, in Chapel Hill in the US, is a tragedy no doubt, but I think I can predict exactly what will happen during the next few days: Western media ignores the news, Dictators in the Islamic world condemn the killing but goes on killing its own people, the general American and European population doesn’t hear about this and continues to hate Islam and Muslim, and Muslims of course feel a bit sad, or angry, condemn what happened, and might even cry a little!
And of course most Muslims have to remind us how the western media and government are hypocritic, and how we are being falsely accused….etc.

A few more days pass, and everyone will go back to their daily routines, until a new Chapel Hill or Charlie Hebdo happens, then everyone will go back to their predestined position.

So then what? What will we do?
Nothing! We will all sit down wondering and waiting to see if the next victim is someone we love, or should we just condemn the event and start the cycle all over again?

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أحداث فرنسا عنوانها الازدواجية

إن حادثة مجلة تشارلي ايبدو في فرنسا تخبرنا عن قصة أليمة، قصة حياتنا….
 قصة الازدواجية في التعامل والتفكير… قصة الهوة الكبيرة بين الكلام والفعل… قصة مؤامرة عظيمة تُحبك لنا… وقصة تخاذل في الهب للدفاع عن رسول الله -صلى الله عليه وسلم- وعن دينه…

لا، الكلام ليس عن فرنسا والغرب، ليس عن ردة فعلهم ولا عن تاريخهم، فلهم أعمالهم ولنا أعمالنا، وكل منا مسؤول عن عمله…

أتكلم عن ازدواجيتنا نحن المسلمين… !! وأخص بالذكر هؤلاء الذين ثارت فيهم الحمية -حمية الجاهلية – بعد هذه الأحداث، وقرروا أن “يدافعوا” عن النبي بغير هدى النبي نفسه، أو أثابوا وأعجبوا بجريمة هي أكبر جريمة ممكن أن يرتكبها المؤمن.

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The Race Up Mountain Prosperity

No one can deny the explosive rate of advancement in the human civilization within the past few centuries. It is in our nature to aim for perfection in knowledge, health, and happiness. Yet we are still way behind our goals, even the richest countries are filled with flaws here and there; but even more depressingly, the gap between our countries is growing ever so large!

I have come across an organization,  the Legatum Institute (LI), which has launched a global project that gathers information about most countries and compares them to each other, generating a “prosperity index” that is renewed each year (since 2009).

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