A Medical Student’s Logbook ; The Data Scientist’s Toolbox Course – Data Science Specialization on Coursera

I am generally known for my strong opinion regarding the importance of research, both to increase the knowledge of humanity as a whole, and to help solve the problems of the Muslims world in particular.
And it occurred to me to write about my experience in this course, and all other online courses I’m taking or intend to take, week by week in “logbooks”, and end it with a video. The aim is to give a review from the point of view of a medical student (or doctor), a guy interested in research, and an Arab and Muslim. This would help the reader determine whether the course is worth giving his/her time to or not!
This article will be updated as I stride through the course! 😀

Well unlike the Data Analysis course I’m taking, this whole course is about programming!  Well programming in the context of Data science at least.  But this course is actually pretty easy, it’s the next courses in the specialization that I’m afraid of more.

This is the link to the course on Coursera: https://www.coursera.org/course/datascitoolbox

I do recommend taking this course as a medical student, it’ll take like 1-2 hours weekly, and if you’re thinking about diving into statistics, data analysis, and research; It’s a cool start. It isn’t hard at all, and it’ll kind of break the ice between you and statistical software. Thanks for all who made this course possible!

Week 1 – Introduction

Videos: First couple are an interesting intro.. the last few are just talking about the rest of the specialization, completely unnecessary and boring -_-

Quiz: Easy! 20/20
Although I was a bit late and had to apply for “late days” which was quite useful!
By the way, I got confused due to the difference in time zones, and submitted the quiz just a few minutes too late! So watch out and do your homework early!


Week 2 – Installation of the Toolbox

Videos: It was alright 🙂
The instructor was talking about some REALLY basic stuff… which is exactly what I needed! 😀
There is one video that I froze a bit when watching it… it turned out I should see the next video first then come back (error in organizing the videos, not very important unless you’re as clueless to what’s happening as I was!)

Quiz: Easy again! 20/20


Week 3 – Conceptual Issues

Videos: Cool content, but very simple and quick… this course is seriously easy… but extremely helpful for a simple guy like me…. who knows as much about programming as a bird knows about quantum physics 😛

Quiz: Easy once again! 20/20

Project: Really simple. seriously…


Week 4 – Evaluations

Peer evaluations: Did 8 evaluations, twice what I’m supposed to.  I was amazed that most had errors or missing questions, of course my sample wasn’t big enough to infer anything on the whole population at hand! 😀

Waiting for my score….


I’m considering whether I should take the next course in this specialization now or not, I’m not sure I have the time, it needs a lot more effort.



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